Thursday, June 26, 2014



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Mary, my Mother most holy, St. Germanus calls you "The power that supports our weakness."  In you we will find the remedy for all our sickness; in you our weakness will find strength. 

St. Bonaventure calls you "The gate of Liberty"In you we have the door through which we go forth from the slavery of sin.  He also calls you "The safe resting place of men"so in you too we find peace and security.  St. Lawrence Justinian calls you "The comforter of our pilgrimage"you bring relief to us in our sufferings.  St Bonaventure calls you "The Throne of the Grace of God:" so to sum up all, in you we find God's grace and God Himself.  St. Proclus tells us you are "The bridge by which God comes down to man"our sins have separated us from God but happily for us, Mary is the bridge by which He passes when He comes to dwell in our souls by His grace.

Evening SighMary, you are my strength, my liberty, my peace;  and my salvation.

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  1. Please Pray for me Holy Mother of God that I may be worthy of the promises of Christ. AMEN