Wednesday, October 7, 2015



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O LadyOur LadyYou are of all the most lovely, the entire Church calls you and greets you, "Our Hope."  You therefore who are the Hope of All, be my Hope too.  It is St. Bernard who calls you, "The whole reason of my hope;"  and he says of you, "Even the one whose need is desperate can hope in you."  In like manner I too can say:  O Mary, you are mineyou can save those who are in desperate need.  In you I put all my hope.

Evening SighMary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



I will not leave you orphans.

"She is like a beautiful olive tree in the meadow."
Mary tells us:  I am the lovely olive tree from which the soothing oil is ever flowing.  I stand in the midst of the meadows so that all can see me and everybody can come to me. 

Let us speak to her with St. Augustine:  "O Most Loving Mother, keep it in mind that since the beginning of time nobody has heard it said that you ever cast off one that came to you for protection."  O Most Gentle Queen, nobody has ever heard of such a thing that a client who went to you for help was left forsaken.  So it is not likely that I will be the only poor unfortunate one that came to you and was left an outcast.

Evening SighO Mary, this is the grace I seekalways to come to you for help.

Friday, June 27, 2014



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In the Sacred Canticles the Holy Spirit speaks of the Tower of David in these words, "It is built with bulwarks.  A thousand shields hang from its wallsthe complete armour of the strong."  Mary is the Tower of David.  It is built with mighty strength;  its powerful defences are beyond number;  so are the arms and the supplies it affords to all who seek protection within.  

Most holy Mary, St. Ignatius the Martyr tells me that you are a "most powerful fortress for all those engaged in war"a bastion of mighty strength for all those who are fighting in the battle.  I am facing the assaults of my enemies; their attacks never cease;  they are trying to wrest from me the grace of God and to deprive me of your protection, O My dearest Lady.  But you are my fortress.  You do not think it unworthy of you to come to the help of those who trust you in the combat.  St. Ephrem tells me that you are "she who battles for those who trust in her."  Do battle for me then and defend me for in you I put all my hope, all my trust.

Evening SighMary, Mary, your name is my defense.

Thursday, June 26, 2014



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Mary, my Mother most holy, St. Germanus calls you "The power that supports our weakness."  In you we will find the remedy for all our sickness; in you our weakness will find strength. 

St. Bonaventure calls you "The gate of Liberty"In you we have the door through which we go forth from the slavery of sin.  He also calls you "The safe resting place of men"so in you too we find peace and security.  St. Lawrence Justinian calls you "The comforter of our pilgrimage"you bring relief to us in our sufferings.  St Bonaventure calls you "The Throne of the Grace of God:" so to sum up all, in you we find God's grace and God Himself.  St. Proclus tells us you are "The bridge by which God comes down to man"our sins have separated us from God but happily for us, Mary is the bridge by which He passes when He comes to dwell in our souls by His grace.

Evening SighMary, you are my strength, my liberty, my peace;  and my salvation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



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The Ark in which Noe escaped the universal Deluge is a figure of Mary.  St. Bernardine calls her "The Ark in which we escape shipwreck."  She is the heavenly ark in which we find shelter while on earth and so escape the shipwreck of everlasting loss.  But Esecius says that Mary gives shelter which is superior to that of the Ark of Noe because it is more universal, has greater strength, and is more kindly.  With Noe only a few men and beasts found shelter:  Mary receives all who seek protection under her mantle and she saves them all.  How unhappy our lot would be if we had not Mary!  And yet, with all this many still are lost. Why is this?  O Mother, it is because they do not go to you:  nobody could be lost ever if he asked your help.

Evening SighMost Holy Mary, may we all have recourse to you, and always!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



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My most gentle Lady, in the midst of the fears I sometimes experience about my eternal salvation, I feel a great sense of confidence when I appeal to you and when I think of you.  On the one hand, my Mother, you have a wealth of graces at your disposal"A sea of graces" is what St. John Damascene calls you.  St. Ephram tells me you are 'The spring from which grace and consolation flow'." 

On the other hand, St. Bonaventure tells me that your eagerness to help me is so great that I cause you pain when I do not ask you for what I need. My Mother and my Queen, you are rich, you are wise, you are gentle;  I understand that you know my soul's wants better than I know them myself; you love me better than I love myself.  This is the grace I ask todaythe grace you know my soul needs most.  I will be happy if you ask this grace from God for me.

Evening SighMy God, give me the graces which Mary asks of you for me.

Monday, June 23, 2014



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O Virgin most loving, you are named by St. Bonaventure "The Mother of Orphans."  St. Ephram proclaims you "The Receiver of Orphans," that is, the one who welcomes the orphan.  Who are these unhappy orphans?  They are non others than poor sinners who have lost God, their Father. Most holy Mother, I have lost my Father; you are my Mother.  I come to you and you will welcome me.  In my great misfortune I call on you for help and you will aid me.  Will you leave me in my grief?  No;  for this is what Innocent III says to me about you,  "Who has ever called on her and did not receive her kindly help?"  And indeed who ever prayed to you without being both heard and helped?  Was anybody ever lost after pleading with you?  The only one that is lost is the one that does not go to you.  My Queen, if you wish to save me, then help me to invoke you and to confide in you always.

Evening SighO most holy Mary, give me confidence in you.