Friday, June 27, 2014



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In the Sacred Canticles the Holy Spirit speaks of the Tower of David in these words, "It is built with bulwarks.  A thousand shields hang from its wallsthe complete armour of the strong."  Mary is the Tower of David.  It is built with mighty strength;  its powerful defences are beyond number;  so are the arms and the supplies it affords to all who seek protection within.  

Most holy Mary, St. Ignatius the Martyr tells me that you are a "most powerful fortress for all those engaged in war"a bastion of mighty strength for all those who are fighting in the battle.  I am facing the assaults of my enemies; their attacks never cease;  they are trying to wrest from me the grace of God and to deprive me of your protection, O My dearest Lady.  But you are my fortress.  You do not think it unworthy of you to come to the help of those who trust you in the combat.  St. Ephrem tells me that you are "she who battles for those who trust in her."  Do battle for me then and defend me for in you I put all my hope, all my trust.

Evening SighMary, Mary, your name is my defense.

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  1. Defend me Blessed Mother that I may be seen as the Child of God that He created me to be. AMEN