Wednesday, June 25, 2014



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The Ark in which Noe escaped the universal Deluge is a figure of Mary.  St. Bernardine calls her "The Ark in which we escape shipwreck."  She is the heavenly ark in which we find shelter while on earth and so escape the shipwreck of everlasting loss.  But Esecius says that Mary gives shelter which is superior to that of the Ark of Noe because it is more universal, has greater strength, and is more kindly.  With Noe only a few men and beasts found shelter:  Mary receives all who seek protection under her mantle and she saves them all.  How unhappy our lot would be if we had not Mary!  And yet, with all this many still are lost. Why is this?  O Mother, it is because they do not go to you:  nobody could be lost ever if he asked your help.

Evening SighMost Holy Mary, may we all have recourse to you, and always!

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