Friday, February 28, 2014


"The Royal Road to the Savior" - This is the name that St. Bernard gives to Mary:  the safe road to the place where the Savior and salvation are found.  The same Saint tells us that she is the vehicle that carries our souls to God.  If that is true, O Lady, do not wait for me to walk towards God.  Take me in your arms and carry me.  If I show resistance then use force with me;  but the force that you will use will be the sweet attractions of your love for me.  With this same force compel my wayward will to leave created things;  and to seek only for God, my Creator, and His Divine Will.

O show what power you have to all Heaven:  you - who have done many wonderful things.  Show us one more marvel of your mercy - draw entirely to God one who has been very far from Him.

Evening Sigh:  Mary, you can make me holy;  I hope for this from you.   


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