Thursday, February 27, 2014


O Mary, most sweet and loving Mother, St. Ephrem tells me that you are "The harbour of those in distress" and the one who "Rebuilds the shattered vessel after the storm."  St. Bonaventure tells me you are "Our Solace in the midst of suffering," and St. Germanus that you are "Peace in the midst of grief."  Great indeed is the solace you bring me when I am afflicted;  great is the consolation you give me when I am troubled; great is the strength you give me in temptation if I come to you and ask your aid.  Yes, the Saints had good reason indeed to call Mary the harbour of those in distress.

Mary, console me, for you are mine, my Mother.  I find myself over-burdened with sin;  I lack virtue, and in God's love I am cold.  Give me consolation;  give me peace.  Let the consolation you give me take the form of a new life, a new beginning:  a life that will be in all reality pleasing to your Son and to you.

Evening Sigh - Mary, my Mother, change my life: make me different from what I have been.  You are able to do it.  


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