Monday, February 24, 2014


My most gentle Lady, in the midst of the fears I sometimes experience about my eternal salvation, I feel a great sense of confidence when I appeal to you and when I think of you.  On the one hand, my Mother, you have a wealth of graces at your disposal "A sea of graces" is what St. John Damascene calls you.  St. Ephram tells me you are 'The spring from which grace and consolation flow."

On the other hand, St. Bonaventure tells me that your eagerness to help me is so great that I cause you pain when I do not ask you for what I need.  My Mother and my Queen, you are rich, you are wise, you are gentle;  I understand that you know my soul's wants better than I know them myself;  you love me better than I love myself.  This is the grace I ask todaythe grace you know my soul needs most.  I will be happy if you ask this grace from God for me.  

Evening SighMy God, give me the graces which Mary asks of you for me.   



  1. dear mother most prudent and mother of our loving saviour lord jesus christ, i pray 4 an everyday grace to live a humble life and abide in the love of the divine father through your beloved son lord jesus christ

  2. you know my intentions mother....I pray they are as pure as your virgin robe. mother, please ask God to pour his favor out on me tonight and grant all the intentions of my heart.

  3. You are the Best Mom and I love you so very very much. Please hold my Daughter in your loving arms and tell her I love her and miss her. Bless my mother and tell her I love her for teaching me about you because if not for her I might not have ever known you and I would feel so alone because I always feel your love follow me everyday of my life.