Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lady Mannocks Prayer Book - March 1st

There is nothing that prayer can ask, and heaven can refuse; neither relief to the poor nor comfort to the afflicted, nor victory to the oppressed, nor grace and pardon to sinner, nor any virtue to the just:  in a word, whoever knows how to ask what, he wants, can never want what he ask's.

Lady Mannock's Prayer Book
Printed with permission by C. De Moor, in the Name Jesus.  1790

Evening Sigh:  Fountain of all our joy, pray for us.  

The front end paper reads:
This book belong's to Lady Mannock for whom you must pray for.  It is not to be taken out of the chapel.

Lady Mannock departed this life April the 17, 1814 a quarter before 2 o'clock.