Monday, June 23, 2014



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O Virgin most loving, you are named by St. Bonaventure "The Mother of Orphans."  St. Ephram proclaims you "The Receiver of Orphans," that is, the one who welcomes the orphan.  Who are these unhappy orphans?  They are non others than poor sinners who have lost God, their Father. Most holy Mother, I have lost my Father; you are my Mother.  I come to you and you will welcome me.  In my great misfortune I call on you for help and you will aid me.  Will you leave me in my grief?  No;  for this is what Innocent III says to me about you,  "Who has ever called on her and did not receive her kindly help?"  And indeed who ever prayed to you without being both heard and helped?  Was anybody ever lost after pleading with you?  The only one that is lost is the one that does not go to you.  My Queen, if you wish to save me, then help me to invoke you and to confide in you always.

Evening SighO most holy Mary, give me confidence in you.

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