Sunday, June 22, 2014



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My Mother Mary, most sweet Lady, I have been an unhappy rebel for I have sinned against your great Son.  But now in repentance I seek your gentle mercy that you may obtain me pardon.  You cannot tell me that you are powerless to help me; I hear St. Bernard calling you "God's agent of reconciliation," and St. Ephrem "The support of those who are in peril."  My Lady, who is in greater peril than I?  This is certainI have lost God and I have been condemned to lose Him for ever.  But I am uncertain as to whether He has yet pardoned me;  and if He has I am quite capable of losing Him again.  You can obtain everything from Him:  so from you I hope for every goodpardon, perseverance and paradise. This is my hope, dear Marythat I will be one of those in the Kingdom of the Blessed who will praise your mercy most, for you will save me by your intercession.

Evening SighI will sing the mercies of Mary forever; I will sing them forever.  Amen.

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