Friday, February 21, 2014


Denis, the Carthusian, calls the Most Blessed Virgin "the advocate of all the wicked who have recourse to her."  Since, then, O great Mother of God, thy office is to defend the causes of the most guilty criminals who have recourse to thee, behold me now at thy feet;  to thee I have recourse, and I address thee in the words of St. Thomas of Villanova:  "O gracious advocate, fulfil thy charge."  Now quickly enter upon thy office, undertake my cause:  it is true that I have indeed been guilty before my Lord, having offended Him, after the many benefits and graces He has conferred upon me;  but the evil is done;  thou canst save me.  Thou hast only to tell thy God that thou defendest me, and then I shall be forgiven, and shall be saved.  

Evening Sigh - My dear Mother, thou has to save me.   


  1. All praise and Glory to You Holy Mother Mary, i praise your name for all You and Lord Jesus has done for me, You have open my eyes to the truth and i shall now follow you and Your son always, amen, amen, amen