Thursday, February 20, 2014


My most sweet, most compassionate, most amiable Queen, oh, how great is the confidence with which St. Bernard inspires me when I have recourse to thee!  He says that thou dost not go examining the merits of those who have recourse to thy compassion, but that thou offerest thyself to help all who pray to thee:  "Mary does not discuss merits, but shows herself ready to hear and welcome all."  Therefore, if I pray to thee, thou dost graciously hear me.  Well, then, listen to what I have to ask thee:  I am a poor sinner, deserving of a thousand hells.  I wish to change my life:  I wish to love my God, whom I have so greatly offended.  I dedicate myself to thee as thy slave;  to thee I give myself, miserable as I am;  save, then, a poor creature who is no longer his own but thine.  My Lady, dost thou understand me?  Yes;  I trust that thou hast understood me, and graciously heard my prayer.  

Evening Sigh - O Mary, I am thine;  save me.