Saturday, March 8, 2014


Sedona, Arizona, March 20th, 2014


     "The advocate of all the wicked who seek her help"This is what the Blessed Virgin Mary was called by Dionisius, the Carthusian.
     O great Mother of God, it is your office to defend the cause of those who are most guilty, if they appeal for your help.  Look down on me, prostrate at your feet.  To you I appeal.  I address you in the words of St. Thomas of Villanova, "You are our advocate; then do your appointed work."  Fulfil your office by undertaking my defence.  I am guilty, it is true:  I have offended my God deeply;  and after He has been so good in bestowing His favors and graces on me.  But is will be enough if you tell Him that you are my protector.  Then will I be forgiven and I will be saved.  The wrong has been already done by me;  but you can save me still.

Evening SighMy dear Mother, you must save me.

Our Lady at Sedona, Arizona

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