Thursday, March 20, 2014


Sedona, Arizona, March 20th, 2014


My Queen, most sweet, most kind, most lovely, when I go to you for protection how beautiful is the confidence St. Bernard gives me!  For he tells me that you make no enquiry into the merits of those who appeal to your love, but you offer to help everybody that prays to you:  "Mary does not concern herself with our merits, but she she helps everyone that appeals to her."  Always gentle and kind, you help me if I pray.  Then listen to what I am going to ask you for:  I am a poor sinner that has deserved to be lost a thousand times over;  but I want to change my lifeI want to love that God whom I have offended so grievously.  I consecrate myself to you as your servant;  poor and unworthy as I am I give myself to you.  And now I can plead with yousave what is your own.  My Lady, you understand me;  I am confident that you do understand, and that you have kindly granted my request.  

Evening SighO Mary, I am yours, save me.

Our Lady at Sedona, Arizona

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