Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EVENING SIGH from Rome, Italy

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rome, Italy, October, 2013 

Mother of grace and life turn to me your kind face.  Behold my many miseries of body and soul.  Raise me up to a state of perfect friendship with God and obtain for me the grace of final perseverance.

Hail Mary . . . 

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    MY MOTHER ME AS A CHILD recommended
     Blessed Virgin Mary

     " A favorite of the Word of God

    God still does not cease to speak through Mary in the world was that someone right or not . God is God and always goes beyond human conception and theological assemblies .

    In the history of salvation from God our Trinitarian love championing the man taking the people for their co-workers in this work of love . In championing the man he raised men and women , prophets and kings . Its action and election of certain people was conducted by one of its terms , which is still far beyond human comprehension and logic operations. In theology there is debate as to one A gives so much grace and such a blessing while others do not . Some are thinking that it amounted to a biased ( what I can when I received mercy! ) Or that he acts according to his works , which will later make an individual and God would have previously chosen by them .

  2. St. Augustine rejects the first and second theological opinion . Augustine would argue that God is not partial , but the end is just, and so God gives grace by works much as it was , but the grace always remain a free gift from God . He argues that God is selected relies on his knowledge , but not by bias , not by works , but it refers to the knowledge of human budućuj faith . God sees how the individual open in readiness for a life of faith , a faith which was once again grace and gift . Yes , grace is a gift that surrounds every human being , but also still up to us to want , and do cooperate with that grace of God which is overtaking us in all our thoughts and good work . Our merit derived from this cooperation with grace where Augustine said that God works in us the crown of his creation. Hence it is necessary to look at the logic of God's selection of individuals starting from Noah, Abraham , David and the entire galaxy of prophets and martyrs . But the climax of God's choosing all will agree is the woman .

    God's logic is that we always overrides ( Deus semper maior ) liked to take the woman and through her revealed so much of my deep love . It is the culmination of cooperation between God and man that will make women through the door and the entry of God into the human body . Node >> Eve's disobedience was untied by Mary's obedience : what the virgin Eve bound through the infidelity, it is the Virgin Mary loosened by her faith << ( Irenaeus ) . >> Jesus' conception and birth means a new commitment in history by more than news that belongs to each individual person. Here God Himself starts again << . This act is owed to God and their own special procedure , and what began with the conception and birth weight has a new creation . In his Son , God has started something completely different, larger , and proved to be the middle of a barren and hopeless >> << humanity to make something new , which is a gift from above ( Joseph Ratzinger ) . The Blessed Virgin Mary to fulfill God's providence and achieving the best possible nearness of God to man . Mary is the obedience of faith enforce the will of God on earth . She was with her ​​son at all important parts of his life and from birth to public action from Kane to Calvary . Everything is submitted Woman . She was obedient to the faith, >> such as death came to Eve by listening , so by listening to Mary entered life ; seductive words of the serpent and the angel's word promises are thesis and antithesis , character and anti - character , type and anti - type << ( Ephraem Syrus ) .

    We are confident that Mary was very brave , and this courage has had the spring in the faith from which she drew from her . Grace encouraged her to such courageous acts , but she stayed on her decision as she will take part in it . She has participated in this God's work of salvation and redemption to the end , or as far as it was possible to participate . Mary is by faith accept God's offer and became the mother of us all under her son's cross. Her help and stay with his disciples after the resurrection and ascension continued , but in a different way , and after the ascension into heaven . Mary continued her role that God intended her to salvation history . She became the first and Mediatrix of grace for his share in the history of salvation . She of all people most involved in the redemption of man that God brought .

    God is Trinitarian love in a special way, care for their loyal through these powerful women .

  3. The proximity of her hands showed throughout the whole history of the Church in both East and West . Immaculate helped so many saints in their earthly journey . In its activities and helping the faithful God answered so many prayers that are directed through Mary , and this mediation she never ceases to do so today. My mother collects all the prayers in a handful of his hands and placed them before the face of the Most High . Mary gave and dozens of prophecies that many people just fantasy , but it is necessary now to look into patristics and see how the Mary uses the term prophet . It bears the title in patristics prophetess in the true sense of the word . It takes our Catholic tradition much more to update . For some, today there is only after the Council and is used to give the impression that just before everything was wrong . Reject >> tradition and exclude from history like other religions , it also means to exclude it from the Mystery, escape to the real Christ embrace << ( Henri de Lubac ) .In the apparitions and the messages she continues to do what she did and for life on earth and it is pointing to His Son Jesus Christ and nothing else . Apparitions are a kind of God intervention >> << hic et nunc just us who have some important things forgotten or neglected . Usually took place in a time of great threat and crisis . Guadalupe , Lourdes , Fatima , La Salette are just some of the places and periods in the history of God and of Mary's intercession for man . God still does not cease to speak through Mary in the world was that someone right or not . God is God and always goes beyond human conception and theological assemblies . It does not cover dȃ nor will we ever be possible . Apparitions are many useless and unnecessary but who dares to define God what to do ? Maybe someone thought to argue with him ? Speech on such matters should be careful because there are people on the slippery slope in relation to the sin against the Holy Spirit in which Jesus says that there is no forgiveness .

    But maybe Jesus did not mean it , or maybe he joked with his listeners , or it was just propaganda as some believe ? For some, this kind of understanding and responding. The danger is in no small dissension irresponsible judgment because there is a great possibility that you might find ourselves at war with God as the wise Gamaliel warned the council of elders in Jerusalem . Karl Rahner warns us well how true apparitions have everything to do with each of us , if God's speech is addressed to all of us . Rahner rightly asks how it is that these private revelations >> can not really be recognized , not only by those to whom it is addressed , but also from others , and that as a message that comes from God and therefore has the right and obligation of faith ( fides divina ) . The obligation of belief in revelation , indeed , of course, naturally arises from the fact that God speaks ... If God has spoken , and if the publication safe and if we had clearly demonstrated , then I had clearly demonstrated commitment to listen and believe , because what is contained in it in some way concerned me << .

    By Immaculata Virgin Mary and God today gathers its faithful, and he for her intensely strong and carry on earthly journey. As many have already realized salvation is through Mary entered into our world , and continues through Mary in the Church and throughout the world , and over it will be completed in one day .

  4. " The Blessed Virgin Mary untied nodes" - " (I recommend to all believers to pray - it's very powerful Novena .. ) " Blessed Virgin Mary untying knots ( Novena )
    According to the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Savior of the world came to our world and it all " nodes " in our lives may be removed . What are the " nodes" ? Nodes are problems that often carry for years and for which we do not find solutions , such as: Family quarrels , misunderstandings between parents and children , disrespect , violence, zlopamćenje between spouses, lack of peace and joy in the family , strife and hopelessness spouse who growth, anxiety, sorrow for the child who is on drugs , that 's sick , who left her parents' home , which is far from God, licentiousness and debauchery, violence, alcoholism, our flaws and faults of those we love , the wounds we have inflicted second , anger , guilt , made ​​abortion , a disease that left untreated , depression , fears , unemployment , loneliness, mistrust , hurt pride , arrogance , and more ... All these nodes are the result of sin in our lives ... These nodes and many others ... suffocate our soul, rob from our hearts the joy and sometimes the will to go on living . These nodes us away from God , bound us hand and foot , our whole being and our faith , we bother to throw in the Father's hands like children and to thank him . Mother Mary wants us all to stop and pounded us to meet her in front of " all nodes " to be " loosened " one by one. In this new millennium - Marian , as John Paul II dedicated to the Virgin Mary , is ready more than ever to help those who ask for her mercy .


    (Dobro je - potrebno poučno je tko hoće pročitati iz Starog zavjeta priču o TOBIJI...; jer je Njegov život Bog doveo u milost, tako će i naš ...)

    Prekriži se: U ime Oca i Sina i Duha Svetoga Amen.


    Moj Bože , kajem se i žalim od sveg srca što grijesima uvrijedih Tvoju neizmjernu dobrotu. Tvrdo odlučujem da te uz pomoć milosti neću više vrijeđati, da ću za svoje grijehe činiti dostojnupokoru i čuvati se grešne prigode. Amen.


    molitva SVETOM MIHAELU:
    Sv. Mihaelu arkanđele, preslavni Kneže nebeske vojske, brani nas u borbi protiv snaga tame i njezinih duhovnih zloća. Priteci u pomoć nama koji smo bili stvoreni od Boga i otkupljeni uz veliku cijenu od tiranije đavla. Ti si u Crkvi čašćen kao njezin zaštitnik i čuvar, i tebi je Gospodin povjerio duše koje će jednog dana zaposjesti ili zauzeti Nebeska sjedišta. Moli zato Boga mira neka drži Sotonu satrtog pod našim nogama, da ne može zarobljavati ljude i škoditi Crkvi. Predstavi Svevišnjemu s tvojima i naše Molitve da u obilju siđe na nas Božansko Milosrđe i da bi ti mogao svezati zmaja, staru zmiju, Sotonu, i svezanog ponovno ga baciti u ponor, odakle više neće moći zavoditi duše. Amen.


    Molitva Duhu Svetom:
    O dođi Stvorče, Duše Sveti, pohodi duše vjernika, poteci višnjom milosti u grudi štono stvori ih.
    Ti nazivaš se Tješitelj, blagodat Boga Svevišnjeg, studenac živi, ljubav plam i pomazanje duhovno. Darova sedam razdaješ Ti prste desne Očeve, od vječnog Oca obećan Ti puniš usta besjedom Zapali svjetlo u srcu, zadahni dušu ljubavlju, u nemoćima tjelesnim potkrepljuj nas bez prestanka.
    Dušmana od nas otjeraj i postojani mir nam daj, ispred nas idi, vodi nas, da svakog zla se klonimo.
    Daj Oca da upoznamo i Krista Sina njegova, i u Te , Duha Njihova da vjerujemo sveudilj. Sva slava Ocu vječnomu i uskrslomu Sinu Mu, S Tješiteljem Presvetim nek bude sad i uvijeke. AMEN! Pošalji Duha svojega i postat će. Aleluja! I obnovit ćeš lice zemlje. Aleluja!
    Pomolimo se:
    Bože koji si svjetlošću Duha Svetoga poučio srca vjernih, daj da u tom istom Duhu što je pravo mislimo i njegovoj se utjesi vazda radujemo po Kristu Gospodinu našem. Amen.

    slijedi Marijina krunica - Rožarij(zavisno po danu je li radosna ili žalosna ili slavna ili otajs+va Svije+la ...)

  6. Dear Sir: I wish to thank God for finding your prayer blogs. I must ask if you can share with me the prayers in writing that you so lovingly vocalize here today. I am not familiar with these prayers and would love to include them in my prayers at night. Thank you and God Bless You for creating a holy place, and a place for prayer. Sincerely, Grace Peladeau