Monday, October 28, 2013

EVENING SIGH by the Candles at Lourdes

Burning Candles at Our Lady's Grotto, Lourdes, France, October, 2013

Mother most holy, in order that I may give proof of my childlike love for you, I promise to try, with God's grace and your help, to carry out these resolutions all my life:

          1.  To say my Rosary daily;
          2.  To consecrate each Saturday to your honor and offer up some prayer and sacrifice to please you on that day;
          3.  To honor you especially on your Feast Days.

Please click the play button below to listen to Mary's Patronage Prayer now.


  1. Save my daughter and son from the persecution against them, Oh Mary holy mother of Jesus, I offer you my life devotion, Pray to you son Jesus for a me to help them in there hour to need. amen and amen.

  2. am in senegal to hustle i no the nature of my work ,pls look pity on me i nid to go back to my country this year i need a miracle of 8million up and above holy mary mother of jesus pray for me

  3. Mother Mary I am asking for your intercession once again for my dear friend Kay Phillips. She has under gone a triple buy pass and came through that good but her lungs seem to be not healing well. Please could you check in on her and maybe help her healing along, she wanted so much to be home in TX by her anniversary on Nov.15th. Thanks Mother Mary you are the best,,,,Amen In Jesus name I pray...Amen