Wednesday, September 25, 2013


For Mary our hearts
Our Lady our love.

St. Bernard says that Mary is that heavenly ark, in which we will be certainly freed from the shipwreck of eternal damnation, if we take timely refuge there:  "She is the ark in which we escape shipwreck."  The ark in which Noah escaped in a timely way from the universal shipwreck of the earth was indeed a figure of Mary.  But Hesychius says that Mary is a more spacious, stronger, and more compassionate art:  "She is more bountiful than Noah's ark."  Few men and few beasts were received and saved in Noah's ark, but Mary receives all who take refuge under her mantle and safely delivers them all.  How poor we would be if we had not Mary!  But how many, my Queen, are lost!  And why?  Because they do not have recourse to you.  And who would ever be lost, if one had recourse to you?

Evening Sigh:  "Most Holy Mary, grant that we all may always have recourse to you."

Please click the play button below to listen to Mary's Patronage Prayer now.

Littlemore Library, Scottsdale, Arizona

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